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List Updated till 28th July 2017

Accepted Papers

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Issue No.
1101 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1101 Muralidhar Bhanarkar and Prakash Korake Sunshine Duration Measurement WSN System for Grapes Yield and Quality Monitoring Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1102 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1102 Rutuja R. Chopade and Deepak Shinde Design and Fabrication of Triangular Shaped Fractal Antenna for Cellular Communiction Registered Rutuja R. Chopade Waiting - VII
1103 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1103 Mr. Y. Mallikarjuna Rao, Dr. M. V. Subramanyam and Dr. Kodati Satya Prasad An Efficient Resource Management Algorithm for Mobility Management in Wireless Mesh Networks Registered Mr. Y. Mallikarjuna Rao Waiting 406-412 IV
1104 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1104 Jayashri E. Patwardhan and Prof. Ruchita M. Maheshwari Serial Magnetic Coupling and Voltage Multiplier Cell Modified SEPIC Converter with Elevated Gain for Solar Application Registered Jayashri E. Patwardhan Prof. Ruchita M. Maheshwari 413-418 IV
1105 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1105 Mr. Mahesh R. Darekar, Prof. Mr. Mininath K. Nighot A secure Broadcasting using General Self-Organised Tree Based Energy-Balance Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1106 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1106 Pramod Patil and Dr. Kotrappa Sirbi Role of Machine Learning Approaches to predict Microcalcification in Mammograms : A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1107 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1107 Gaurav Ghewade, Jaydeep Bagi and Sudhir Desai A Review on Liquid Fuel Recovery from Waste Plastic using Pyrolysis Process Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1108 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1108 Kailash Ramakrishna Sabarinathan, Dinesh Srinivasan and Venkatasubramani Karthikeyan Reduction of Co2 and production of graphene solar panels,the future of electronics Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1109 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1109 Priya Ujawe Energy Efficiency Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network Using Enhanced Data Aggregation Technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1110 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1110 Sai Kruthi Sahini, Shree Vidya Uriti, Chaitanya Kadiyam, Ramana Kalla and Kamala Kumari A Alcohol and Pollution Detection in Vehicles and Location Tracking using Gps -Gsm Module Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1111 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1111 Bharat Singh Rawat, Vivek Pachchigar and Vyom Desai Nuclear Fission Energy, a Viable, Carbon –Free Option for High base –load Electricity, Hydrogen Production and Desalination, while Containing Global Temperature Rise below 2°C Registered Vyom Desai Waiting - VI
1112 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1112 Rasika Mule, Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, Krishnapriya Nair and Ramkrishna Vadali Diffie Hellman Key Generation with Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Data Transmission Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1113 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1113 Biswajit Mohapatra and Linkan Priyadarsini A modified mppt technique for solar PV panel using microcontroller and P&O Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1114 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1114 Siva Nagendra Reddy P Pest Detection on Leafs by using Robot and Processing in Labview Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1115 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1115 Nutan Patil and Sachin Wadhankar Induction Motor with Different Methods of Speed Control by using VVVF Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1116 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1116 Sowntharya Balu, Devika M, Amirthavalli K and Mukhil K.M Optimal Size and Location of DG for Loss Reduction in Distribution System Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1117 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1117 Bibhu Prasad Ganthia, S. Ganthia, Rosalin Pradhan and Poonam Tripathy Analytical Study of MPPT based PV System using Fuzzy Logic Controller Registered S. Ganthia Waiting - V
1118 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1118 Emmanuel Mudaheranwa and Marie Grace Berwa New Approach on Power System Fault Analysis and Protection Using Conventional Method Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1119 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1119 Swathy M R Voltage Source Converters Connected to Weak Grid by Non Linear Power Damping Controller Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1120 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1120 Gajanan P. Ratnaparkh, Saurabh S. Jadhao, Dr. G. M. Dhole, Dr. S. R. Paraskar Voltage Quality Enhancement using unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) Registered Gajanan P. Ratnaparkh Saurabh S. Jadhao, Dr. G. M. Dhole, Dr. S. R. Paraskar - V
1121 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1121 Navjyotsinh Jadeja, Nidhi Udani and Manali Modi A Novel Framework to Multi-Aspect Based Summarization Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1122 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1122 D Tejasree, Kamala Kumari K and Sai Lakshmi Ch RF MEMS Packaging based on LTCC Technology and Applications Registered D Tejasree Kamala Kumari K and Sai Lakshmi Ch 419-424 IV
1123 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1123 Jayashri Wadibhasme Review of Various Methods in Improvement in Speed, Power & Efficiency of Induction Motor Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1124 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1124 Dr.Aziz Makandar and Rashmi Somshekhar Detection of Brain Tumor through Mri And Pet Images using Pattern Recognition Techniques: A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1125 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1125 Saba Khan and Dilip Motwani Implementation of IDS for Web Application Attack using Evolutionary Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1126 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1126 Prashant Priyadarshi, Gaurav Prasad, Shubham Sachin, Amit Gupta, Vikash Kumar and Dr. Ramjee Prasad Gupta Contingency Analysis of Power System Employing Fuzzy Logic Based Ranking Methodology Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1127 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1127 Pravin Shinde, Rohini Dabhade, Dipak Narkhede and Ravindra Munje Performace Analysis of UPQC with PHEV for Power Quality Application Registered Rohini Dabhade Waiting - VIII
1128 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1128 Gaurav Prasad, Prashant Priyadarshi, Dr. Ramjee Prasad Gupta, Shubham Sachin, Amit Gupta and Vikash Kumar Influence of Masking Effect in Performance Index Based Contingency Ranking and its Possible Minimalisation Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1129 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1129 Dr Shanthi Mahesh, Prof. Spoorthi Rakesh and Prof. Vidya C Patil Computer Aided Detection system for Lung Cancer using computer tomography scans Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1130 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1130 Vijaya K Sekhar Reddy, Rajesh B and Roopalatha Dr Human Resources Best Practices and Innovation; Role of Knowledge Management Effectiveness Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1131 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1131 Krishna Murari Pandey and Shambhawi Shambhawi The Effects of Reflooding and Rewetting of Vertical Nuclear Fuel Bundle with Jet Impingements in Nuclear Reactors : A Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1132 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1132 Subha Lakshmi Application of Breaker Replacement with Gas Circuit Breaker (Gcb) and Replacement of Electromechnical Relay with Numerical Relay in Substations Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1133 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1133 Sree Shravya Desaraju, Srividya Balemarthy and Dr Ml Mittal Satellite Image Enhancement using Dwt (Domain: DIP) Waiting Waiting Waiting -
1134 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1134 Mr. Shailesh Porwal, S A Akbar and S C Jain Leakage Detection and Prediction of Location in a Smart Water Grid using SVM Classification Registered Mr. Shailesh Porwal Waiting - IX
1135 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1135 Swarupa Rani A and Jyothi S Detection and Recognition of Pests in Stored-grain based on Hyper Spectral Image Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1136 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1136 Sourav Diwania, Pooja Rani and Khyati Kansal Modeling of PV Array and Integration with Grid Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1137 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1137 Hemant Mahajan and Vishal Patil System Design in NFC based Virtual Ticketing Applications Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1138 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1138 Jayashri Wadibhasme Review of Various Method in Improvement in Speed, Power & Efficiency of Induction Motor Registered Jayashri Wadibhasme Waiting - VII
1139 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1139 Esha Tyagi and Dr Arvind Sharma An Intelligent Framework for Sentiment Analysis of Text and Emotions - A Review Registered Dr Arvind Sharma Waiting - VIII
1140 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1140 Anay Shetgaonkar and Dr. Vinayak Shet Smart Animal Repeller Registered Anay Shetgaonkar Dr. Vinayak Shet - VII
1141 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1141 Jagadisha N A Brief Review of the Iris Recognition Systems for Developing A User-Friendly Biometric Application Registered Jagadisha N Waiting 425-428 IV
1142 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1142 Thamarai Selvi Swarm based User Authentication Scheme in WSN Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1143 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1143 Brahim Sabir Modeling the Voice of Pathological /a/ Utterance using Organ Pipe Design Model Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1144 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1144 Ramesh Medar, Vijay Rajpurohit, Rashmi Bachulkar and Pushpa Tamase Survey on Available Kernel Functions in Machine Learning Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1145 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1145 Dudekula Abdulla, N Mamatha and Gandikota Ramu A Survey on Citywide Traffic Estimation Techniques Registered Dudekula Abdulla Waiting - VIII
1146 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1146 N. Jagadeeswari Rajesh A survey on Memory Deduplication employed in Cloud Computing Registered N. Jagadeeswari Rajesh Waiting - VIII
1147 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1147 Machavaram Sandeep Kumar, S Rakesh and Dr. Shaik Rafi Kiran Mitigation of Harmonics using MLI-STATCOM with FLC in Distribution Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1148 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1148 Saket Gupta Bat search algorithm for solving multi-objective optimal power flow problem Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1149 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1149 Rekha. P, Pooja. N, Ramya Sai M and Radha. S An Intelligent Appliance with Multimedia Capability Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1150 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1150 Priyanka Ghosh and Shraddha Kaushik PWM Inverter Based SOFC Fed DC-DC Boost Converter Registered Shraddha Kaushik Priyanka Ghosh - VIII
1151 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1151 Shafeequerahman Shabbir Ahmed and Suresh Anndate Intelligent Stacking System Registered Shafeequerahman Shabbir Ahmed Waiting - VIII
1152 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1152 Kantharaj V and Lingareddy S C An Efficient Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1153 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1153 Samit Kumar Ghosh LabView based Wireless Health Monitoring System using GSM Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1154 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1154 Durgesh Srivastava and Nachiket Sainis Study of Miscellaneous Datasets for Intrusion Detection System Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1155 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1155 Chandrasekhar R Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks using Fuzzy and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1156 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1156 Prashant Bhat Web Video Object Mining: A Novel Approach for Knowledge Discovery Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1157 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1157 Piyush Choudhary Principles of Wireless Networks- A Unified Approach: A Book Review Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1158 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1158 Dr B Gavaskar Reddy and Dr L Maheswari Modeling of Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer-Ultra Capacitor, for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution Grid Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1159 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1159 Bhagyashree Borse and Natasha Naik V2V Collision Avoidance in VANET Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1160 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1160 Lakshmi Devi R and Kalaivani Dr.V Extraction of R-Peak from Photoplethysmographic Signal for Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1161 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1161 Rudresh Magadum, Sateesh Dodamani, Sadashiv Halabhaviand Deepak Kulkarni Optimal placement of UPFC by using L-index Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1162 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1162 Adarsh Sai Gupta, Ishwarya. N Nagaraj and Padmavathi S Performance Analysis and Prediction of Students results using RBF networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1163 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1163 T Syed and Valasani Usha Shree A Survey On Face Recognition Systems- Methods And Analysis Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1164 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1164 Mohammad Imran, Sunil M Kulkarni and Subhash V Murkute Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Mitigation of Voltage Sag and Swell Registered Mohammad Imran Sunil M Kulkarni and Subhash V Murkute 429-431 IV
1165 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1165 Sudeep Shetty, Madhusudhana J, Venkata Ramesh C H and K Arun Kumar Selective Harmonic Elimination Method for Multilevel Inverter Registered Sudeep Shetty Waiting - IX
1166 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1166 Nikitha Lokaraju, Archana V and Archana Sb Implementation of TCSC using Arduino Controller Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1167 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1167 Mahak Vijay, S A Akbar and S C Jain Chlorine Decay Modelling with Contamination Simulation for Water Quality in Smart Water Grid Registered Miss. Mahak Vijay Waiting - IX
1168 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1168 Priyanka M Progressive Identification of Duplicity Using Duplicate Count Strategy Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1169 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1169 Mr. Atul. V. S and Soumya Simon Fuzzy Logic Controlled High Step-up Boost-Flyback Converter for an Efficient Photovoltaic System Registered Mr. Atul. V. S Soumya Simon - VIII
1170 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1170 Rakesh Panigrahy, Motahar Reza, Harsh Ranjan and G.Anant Kumar Web based Android Application for Large-Scale Scientific Computing using Multithreading in PHP Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1171 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1171 Siddheshwar Kekan and Shailendra Mittal Stereovision based Self Driving Vehicle Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1172 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1172 Isha Bahendwar, Ankita Singh and Shyamal Mundada An Android Application for Elevator Control System using Finite Automata Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1173 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1173 Antony Vigil, Shravani Badadha, K K Dhruthi and Bommareddy Tarun Reddy Compression based Color Code Cryptography using Huffman Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1174 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1174 Gauri Ashtankar and Susmita Dutta Review: Design Aspects of Reconfigurable Antenna Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1175 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1175 Mohammed Firdos Alam Sheikh and Prof. S. K. Sharma Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Cryptographic Algorithms for Secure two Party Communications Registered Mohammed Firdos Alam Sheikh Prof. S. K. Sharma - VI
1176 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1176 Bharatheesh Jaysimha Deep Learning using Heirarchical Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Boiler Performance Modeling Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1177 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1177 Getaneh Berie and Yirga Yayeh Application of Digital Cloud Libraries for Ethiopian Public Higher Learning Institutions (EPHLIs) Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1178 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1178 Saleha Saudagar and Gayatri Jagnade Review on Data Caching Intrigue Considering Information Density in Wireless Ad Hoc Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1179 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1179 Prashant Kumar Fault Analysis of Motor using Soft Computing Technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1180 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1180 Basil Xavier and Shibin David A Comprehensive overview on fast encryption techniques for outsourcing data security in Mobile Cloud Computing Environment Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1181 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1181 Najuka Todekar and Prakash Mohod A Review of Biometric Liveness Detection Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1182 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1182 Syed Mujtaba Mahdi Mudassir, Mukassir Shaik Mohammed, Shazia Sultana and Dr. Giri Babu. D The New Trend in Power Conditioning using Multi-Converter Unified Power-Quality Conditioning (MC-UPQC) for Multi Feeder System Registered Syed Mujtaba Mahdi Mudassir Mukassir Shaik Mohammed, Shazia Sultana 432-437 IV
1183 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1183 Jagadisha N Development of a New Methodology for Iris Algorithm in Biometric Authentication using Hamming Distance Concepts Registered Jagadisha N Waiting 438-441 IV
1184 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1184 Rashmi Ghavghave and Sagar Zade Design For Data Security In Multicloud Using AES-256 Encryption Algorithm and File Splitting Technique Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1185 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1185 Y. S. Kalai Vani and Dr. Krishnamurthy Survey: Anomaly Detection in Network using Big Data Analytics Registered Y. S. Kalai Vani Waiting - V
1186 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1186 Ms. Deepali Kavde and Dr. Dnyandev Pete An Improved Opportunistic Routing Protocol in Ad-hoc Network Registered Ms. Deepali Kavde Waiting - VI
1187 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1187 T. Deepa and Dhanaraj Cheelu A Comparative Study of Static and Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing Registered T. Deepa Waiting - VI
1188 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1188 Gulshan Kumar, Chandrasekar Gurumoorthy, Jaihind Sharma and Vishwanath Pandey Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Temperature Controller with GSM Connectivity Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1189 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1189 Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Suyeb Ahmed Khan and Jagjit Malhotra Analysis of Cognitive Radio Network with Multicarrier Modulation through Energy Detection Registered Ms. Jasleen Kaur Waiting - VI
1190 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1190 Shweta Shrikant Swami and Altaaf Mulani An Efficient FPGA Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression Registered Shweta Shrikant Swami Waiting - VI
1191 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1191 Kumaraswamy Simhadri and V S Acharyulu Bhadram Performance comparison of FOA optimized several classical controllers for multi-area multi-sources power system Waiting Waiting Waiting - VIII
1192 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1192 Mr. L. Nageswara Rao and Ramesh B A Compact Hybrid Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for WLAN Applications Registered Mr. L. Nageswara Rao Ramesh B 442-445 IV
1193 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1193 Akhil N V and Athira Vijay QR CODE TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1194 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1194 Mr. Anand Kumar M and Dr. Vidya Raj C An Efficient Thermal-Safety Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Sensor Networks Registered Mr. Anand Kumar M Dr. Vidya Raj C - IX
1195 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1195 B. S. Angela Vincy, Dr. Anushya Alphonse, Reem Alzoubi, Ebtisam Hamed and Da'Ad Albalawneh An Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature Selection on Medical Data Registered B. S. Angela Vincy Waiting - V
1196 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1196 Aishwarya V, Chritine Roy and Najla Siraj road traffic congestion management Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
1197 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1197 Suresh M B and Dr. B. Mohankumar Naik A Novel Scheme for Extracting Shape and Texture Features Using CBIR Approach Registered Suresh M B Waiting - VIII
1198 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1198 Priyang Bhatt and Bhaskar Thakkar Security Issues and Attacks on Internet of Things (IoT): challenges, available solutions, and future directions Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
1199 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1199 T. Abinaya, R. Vaira Vignesh and T. Muthu Vijayan Solar based Grid Tie Integration System for Efficient Power Management Registered T. Abinaya Waiting 446-451 IV
1200 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-1200 Subhashree Samal and Sakti Prasanna Swain Performance Analysis of different Multiplier using Urdhva–Tiryakbhyam Sutra Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - -