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List Updated till 28th July 2017

Accepted Papers

S.No Paper Code List of Authors Paper Title Registration Status Registerd Author(s) Certificate for Co-Author Page No. Issue No.
801 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0801 Samina Thangal and Ramaiyer S Dynamic Behavior of Wind Driven Doubly Fed Induction Generator with Rotor Side Control for Wind Power Application Registered Samina Thangal Waiting - VIII
802 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0802 Prof. B. S. Malapur and Vani R. Pattanshetti IoT based Waste Management: An Intelligent Application to Smart City Registered Vani R. Pattanshetti Waiting - VI
803 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0803 Nivedita Pande, Prashant Debre and Akshay Kadu Power Quality Improvement of a Non-stiff System using DSTATCOM with State Feedback Switching Control Registered Nivedita Pande Waiting 388-394 III
804 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0804 Prapulla S B, Sriram N Rao and Vivek Herur Road Quality Analysis and Mapping for Faster and Safer Travel Registered Sriram N Rao Waiting - VII
805 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0805 Madhuri Thakare and Vishal Bharate Emotion Recognition of Optimized Features by using various Distances in KNN Classification and Customized SVM Classification of Facial Expressions. Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
806 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0806 Akash Sharma, Mohua Chakraborty, Zeeshan Anwar, Pooja Sahoo and Thangavel Rajalingam Structural, Optical and Photoelectrochemical Properties of trivalent impurity (B3+) doped ZnO Nanorods grown by facile Hydrothermal Technique Registered Akash Sharma Waiting 21-23 III
807 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0807 Nnamdi Nwulu Multi-Objective Optimization of a CHP-PV-Battery Islanded Microgrid Registered Nnamdi Nwulu Waiting - V
808 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0808 Nagendra Nagaraja, Dr Govind Kadambi, Dr Yuri Vershinin and Dr. Vasile Palade 3D Spectrum Hole Detector using Support Vector Machine to Enable D2D overlay on Heterogeneous CR Network Registered Nagendra Nagaraja Waiting - VII
809 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0809 Anagha Vaidya, Pravin Metkewar and Prafulla Bafna A New Paradigm for Generation of Fuzzy Membership Function Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
810 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0810 Pandi Gurumurthy Reddy, Mohammed Basha and Ch. Bhavani Shankar Underground Transmission Cable Fault Detection and Location System by using Arduino Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
811 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0811 P G Bhavani Nallamilli, Vaishnavi P and Dr. Sujatha K Off-Shore Wind Power as A Pillar of Energy Transmission using IoT(Oswpetiot) Registered Dr. Sujatha K Waiting - VII
812 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0812 Neelotpala Kumar GFET in Biosensing: A Comparative Study Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
813 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0813 Atul Suryawanshi and Gayatri Phade Stabilizing Control Device for Survival of Mid City Power System Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
814 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0814 Nivedita Elanshekhar and Rajashree Shedge An Effective Anonymization Technique of Big Data using Suppression Slicing Method Registered Nivedita Elanshekhar Waiting - VII
815 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0815 Sandhya Bankar Design of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Cluster for Securely Data-gathering Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
816 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0816 Dr. L. Suganthi, Sakthi Sree Devi M, Ilakkiya M and Tamizharasi G Effect of Physical Stress on Human Electro Dermal Activity Registered Dr. L. Suganthi Waiting - V
817 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0817 Thamotharan B, Manikandan G, Sharan A N S P, Rajesh K and Ramakrishnan S A Two Phase OTP based Approach to Achieve Confidentiality, Integrity and Non-repudiation in Cloud Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
818 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0818 Bhawna Narwal, Amar K. Mohapatra and Shweta Rani RREQ Flood Attack and its Mitigation in Adhoc Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
819 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0819 Dr. Kahkashan Tabassum An Efficient Authentication Technique for Security Management against Cloning Mobile Phones Registered Dr. Kahkashan Tabassum Waiting - VII
820 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0820 Bhawna Narwal, Amar K. Mohapatra and Shweta Rani Performance Analysis of QoS Parameters during Vertical Handover Process between WiFi and WiMAX Networks Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
821 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0821 Ms. Kavya Ladi, Deepak G and Manoj Avsn IOT based Weather Reporting System to find Dynamic Climatic Parameters Registered Ms. Kavya Ladi Waiting - VI
822 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0822 Shankar Badiger and Vadiraj Katti Low Cost Agricultural Solar Dryer Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
823 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0823 John Basha Mohamed Basha and Dr. Kaliyamoothie Effective Linear-Time Document Clustering In Text Mining using Web Document Categorization Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
824 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0824 Ravilla Dilli and Dr Putta Chandra Sekhar Reddy Addressing Security Attacks in AODV Protocol using SHA-3 Standard Algorithms Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
825 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0825 Vinayshil Waghmare and Dilip Maghade Altitude Control of a Ball in a Pipe using PID Tuning Methods Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
826 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0826 Mr. Mahesh S Mathpati, Dr. Md. Bakhar and Ms. Dhere Vidyashree Design and Simulation of Sierpinski Fractal Antenna Array Registered Mr. Mahesh S Mathpati Dr. Md. Bakhar and Ms. Dhere Vidyashree 438-442 I
827 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0827 Satyanarayana M S, Aruna T M and Divyaraj G N Improving the Performance of Single Core Processor using FPGA’s Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
828 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0828 Abhishek Sharma and Sunitha R. Unintentional Islanding Detection in Micogrid Registered Abhishek Sharma Waiting - VII
829 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0829 Bala Krishnan, Manikandan Ganesan, Preethvi E and Thamotharan B An Approach with Steganography and Scrambling mechanism for Hiding Image over Images Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
830 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0830 Balamurugan V and Jegan Antony Marcilin L Design and FPGA Implementation of MAC using Fault Tolerant Reversible Logic Gates Registered Balamurugan V Waiting 395-397 III
831 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0831 Mr. G. Ravindra, Dr. C. H. Chengaiah, Mr. A. Yuva Kishore Regulation of Frequency in the Wind Plants Integrated Grid by H-infinity Approach Registered Mr. G. Ravindra Dr. C. H. Chengaiah, Mr. A. Yuva Kishore 398-403 III
832 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0832 Dr. Sadhana. P. Bangarshetti, S. G. Kulkarni, Swati Sudi A Survey on Brain Image Analysis for Tumor Detection Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
833 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0833 Smita Durwas Vaidya, Sheeja S. Suresh Design and Implementation of Camera based Object Tracking in 3D Space Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
834 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0834 Hinna Hafeez, Najia Nasir Detection of Malware and Kernel-Level Rootkits in Cloud Computing Environments Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
835 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0835 HinnaHafeez,Najia Nasir, Tayyaba Khalil Study on Mega Infrastructure Projects in Lahore and its Impact on Traffic System in Lahore & Commute Time Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
836 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0836 Nandan Raj .R, Dr. Mallikarjun .M Kodabagi Face Expression Recognition System: A Survey Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
837 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0837 Moonisa Sana, Dr. Mallikarjuna Shastry An Opportunistic Routing Protocol Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
838 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0838 Nikhilkumar Aghera, Yash Dadhania, Pavan Savsani, Vivek Thaker, Jigar Vaghela Design, Analysis and Optimization of Headstock of Vertical Machining Center Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
839 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0839 Utelbayev B. T, Suleimenov E. N. ,Utelbayeva A. B Energy and Phase Transition of Substances Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
840 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0840 Abdullahi Ayegba, Ale Felix, Agboola Olufemi Assessing the Suitability of Udo’s and Fegbenle’s Global Solar Radiation Prediction Models in Akure, Ondo State Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
841 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0841 Nemia M. Galang, Eric G. Galang Computer Aided Tool in Science for Kindergarten Pupils Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
842 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0842 Sheetal Adagale, Aishwarya Sawant, Pratiksha Pandagale, Trupti Zanje, Kanchan. M. Varpe PFPS: Parallel File Protecting System Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
843 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0843 Sana Ur Rahman,Tarana Afrin Chandel Schematic Design and Layout of Flipflop using CMOS Technology Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
844 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0844 AmolPatil, Ashwini Pawar Speed Control of Dc Motor using Fuzzy Logic with Pic Microcontroller Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
845 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0845 Ms. C. Divya Conceptualization of Teaching Reading Comprehension- A Pilot Study Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
846 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0846 Abbas Bagherian Faithful continuous Auditing by a New Agent-based Intelligent Framework Utilizing XBRL Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
847 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0847 Gopika Krishnan G, Dr. Binu V. P Sea Iceberg Detection using Dual Polarized Sar Images Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
848 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0848 Rekha Murthy, Amulya H. G Implementation on Clock Generation of 25MHz using Translation Buffer Interface from ECL-CMOS Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
849 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0849 R. Karthik ,S. Lalithkumar, C. Madhankumar, K. Navaneethakrishnan, R. Sathish Farmers Guide Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
850 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0850 M. L. N. Acharyulu, N. S. Murthi Sarma ,K. Lal Kishore Validation of Diagonal Routing Approach over Orthogonal Routing at Nano Metre era in VLSI Design. Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
851 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0851 T. Chithambaram, K. Perumal Brain Tumor Segmentation using Genetic Algorithm with SVM and ANN Techniques Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
852 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0852 Dr. M. Venkateshwarlu , Dr. A. Kiran Kumar and Dr. M. Narsi Reddy A Case Study on Assessment of Ground Water Quality Parameters in and Around Lambapur Area, Nalgonda District, Telangana State Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
853 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0853 M H Sarker, M H kabir, M M Rahman, Z U Khan Remote Sensing Data Analytics for Monitoring the Environmental Problem of Shyamnagar Upazila, Bangladesh Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
854 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0854 Prabhdeep Singh , Vandana Chauhan Non Uniform Illumination Reduction using Morphological Dilation and Erosion for Area based Statistics Computation Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
855 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0855 Penumatsa Sushma Sri Naga Mowlika, Vemu Srinivasa Rao Energy Efficient and High Speed Hybrid 1-Bit Full Adder Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
856 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0856 Ankita Bajaj, Prabhdeep Singh A Review Paper on Accident Waening System based on Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
857 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0857 V. Thriveni, K. Dhananjay Rao Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units in Smart grid Considering Zero Injection Buses using Genetic Algorithm Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
858 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0858 Shaik Himam Saheb and G. Satish Babu Sensitivity Analysis of 3- PRR Planar Manipulator Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
859 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0859 Dr. M. Varun Kumar and Jayaprakash Jala Invasion of Latest Technology Tools for Engineering Education Registered Dr. M. Varun Kumar Waiting - VI
860 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0860 Rishab Goyal and Sanjeev Sharma Design and Analysis four bit hybrid full Adder cell using Gate Diffusion Input and Domino logic Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
861 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0861 Rajendrasing Rajput and Rushikesh Borse Product Label Reading And Speech Conversion For Blind Person Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
862 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0862 Mrs. Jyoti Shokeen and Chhavi Rana Fuzzy Sets, Advanced Fuzzy Sets and Hybrids Registered Mrs. Jyoti Shokeen Waiting 234-238 IV
863 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0863 Umakant Gohatre and Venkat Patil Estimation of Velocity and Distance Measurement for Projectile Trajectory Prediction of 2D Image and 3D Graph in Real Time System Registered Umakant Bhaskarrao Gohatre Venkat P. Patil 443-446 I
864 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0864 Venkat Patil and Umakant Gohatre Techniques of Developing Panorama for Low Light Images Registered Venkat P. Patil Umakant Bhaskarrao Gohatre 447-452 I
865 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0865 Rakesh Kumar Sanodiya DoS Attacks: A Simulation Study Registered Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sanodiya Waiting - VIII
866 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0866 Anagha Bhunje and Dr. Swati Ahirrao Workload Aware Incremental Repartitioning of NoSQL for Online Transactional Processing Applications Withdrawn Waiting Waiting - -
867 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0867 Dr. Mohan Ellappan, Dr. Rajesh Arunachalam and Mr. R. Siva Kumar Analysis of Key Point Description Applied in the Pedestrian Path Detection in Low Resolution Images Registered Mr. R. Siva Kumar Waiting 404-409 III
868 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0868 Mr. Irfan Ali, Virendra Sharma and Prabhat Kumar A Comparison of Different Control Techniques for Active Power Filter for Harmonic Ellimination and Enhancement of Power Quality Registered Mr. Irfan Ali Waiting - VI
869 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0869 Premala Patil and Md Bakhar MAC Layer Intrusion Detection System by Cooperation of Cross Layer in MANET Registered Premala Patil Md. Bakhar 453-456 I
870 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0870 Prof. A. Kowcika People Count from the Crowd using Unsupervised Learning Technique from Low Resolution Surveillance Videos Registered Prof. A. Kowcika Waiting 239-245 IV
871 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0871 Manmohit Singh and Komal Arora Analysis of OFDM System using Different Encoding and Time Frequency Localization Technique Registered Manmohit Singh Waiting 378-383 II
872 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0872 Nnamdi Nwulu Emission Constrained Bid based Dynamic Economic Dispatch using Quadratic Programming Registered Nnamdi Nwulu Waiting - IX
873 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0873 Jose Joseph Safe Surf: A Chrome Extension for Detecting Phishing Websites Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
874 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0874 Arpit S. Bhugul, Sagar Choudhari and Ronit Mhatre Efficiency Analysis of Passenger Coaches of Indian Railway using DEA Registered Arpit S. Bhugul Sagar S. Choudhari and Ronit S. Mhatre 457-460 I
875 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0875 Gaurav Soni and Dr. V. K Banga Performance Analysis of Free Space Optical Link under Various Attenuation Effects Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
876 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0876 Antara Choudhury, Krishnan R, Arbind Gupta, Swathi Y and Supriya C Remote Patient Care Monitoring System for Rural Healthcare Registered Antara Choudhury Waiting - VI
877 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0877 Mr. Rajan S. Jamgekar and Mrs. Snehal Tapkire A Robust Multi-hop Clustering Algorithm for Reliable VANET Message Dissemination Registered Mr. Rajan S. Jamgekar Mrs. Snehal Tapkire 461-466 I
878 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0878 Sangamesh T C and Harsha H Detection and Correction of Intensity Inhomogeneity in MR Images using Level Set Segmentation Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
879 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0879 Nnamdi Nwulu Dynamic Economic Dispatch of Electric Power Incorporating Transmission Line Costs Registered Nnamdi Nwulu Waiting - V
880 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0880 Prof. Shireen Fathima E-Mat Security System for Jewellry Shop Registered Prof. Shireen Fathima Waiting 384-388 II
881 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0881 Ms. Roshni Mary Thomas and Divya James DDOS Detection and Denial using Third Party Application in SDN Registered Ms. Roshni Mary Thomas Waiting 467-472 I
882 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0882 Neelakant Jadhav and Ashok Sutagundar Parabola Structure based Information Gathering using AUV for Underwater Sensor Network Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
883 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0883 Prof. Subiya Yaseen Gesture Controlled Touch less Response using Image Processing Registered Prof. Subiya Yaseen Waiting - VI
884 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0884 Mr. Raviraj M. Akare, Shashikant Kewte, Radharaman Shaha and Shital Rewatkar Multilevel Converter for Direct Grid Integration of Renewable Energy System Registered Mr. Raviraj M. Akare Waiting - VI
885 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0885 Mr. J. Sravankumar, Ravish Kumar and Deepak Kumar Sizing an off-Grid Photovoltaic System: A Case Study Registered Mr. J. Sravankumar Waiting - VI
886 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0886 Mian Muhammad Kamal Ultra-Wideband Antenna having Band Notch Features Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
887 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0887 Saleem Shaik Metal-Insulator-Metal Waveguide Lasing Element based on Nanoporous Anodic Alumina Membrane Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
888 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0888 Mallikarjuna Rao and Fayaz K Recommendations of Products based on Combination of Collaborative, Content and Pearson Filtering Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
889 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0889 Rani C, Apurb Das and Kudzai B Chimonyo A Simple Approach to Mathematical Modelling of Darrius type Wind Turbines Registered Apurb Das Kudzai B Chimonyo, Rohith Tosre, Gourishankar Shreekumar 410-415 III
890 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0890 Evgeny Pustovoy and Olesya Pustovaya Management of Neural Networks using the Spatial Matrix of Coefficients Registered Evgeny Pustovoy Waiting - VIII
891 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0891 Dr. M. Varun Kumar and Jayaprakash Jala The Reach of Internet Banking among Rural Population (A Study among the Rural Masses of Vellore District, Tamil Nadu, India) Registered Dr. M. Varun Kumar Waiting - VI
892 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0892 Abrar Ahmad and Waris Senan Performance Evaluation of PMSG-Fuel Cell Hybrid Generation System Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
893 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0893 Neha Goliwar A Survey on Efficient Algorithm for Mining Top-k High Utility Itemsets Waiting Waiting Waiting - IX
894 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0894 Neethu Anna Mathew and K M Abubeker IoT based Real Time Patient Monitoring and Analysis using Raspberry Pi 3 Registered Neethu Anna Mathew Waiting 389-391 II
895 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0895 Aashika M R, Aishwarya M, Kavana R and Kavyashree Kr Demonetization Solution Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
896 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0896 Nagendra Sah and Eesh Mittal An Improved Domino Logic Registered Nagendra Sah Eesh Mittal 392-397 II
897 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0897 Nagendra Sah and Navroop Sandhu Analysis of Effect of Distance of Relay Node in Cooperative Communication Registered Nagendra Sah Waiting 398-400 II
898 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0898 Swapna M S, Aarcha S Lekshmi, Sankararaman S and Shinker S S Laser Diffraction and Fractal Study of Fingerprints Waiting Waiting Waiting - -
899 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0899 Ms. Preeti Dudhe, Niketa Kadam and Rupesh Hushangabade Internet of Things (IoT): An Overview and its Applications Registered Prof. Ms. P. V. Dudhe Waiting - VI
900 SKR-IEEE-ECDS-0900 J Rajamohan and K Vijayarekha Overhead Porcelain Insulator – A Study under Different Polluted Conditions Waiting Waiting Waiting - -